Netflix Tightens Parental Controls

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For many families, it can be a challenge to ensure their kids only watch content that they deem appropriate. The trouble is, what is acceptable in one household might not be OK elsewhere. Netflix is trying to make life easier for parents or carers with a number of changes to how movies and shows are presented and by adding new tools to help limit what younger eyes and ears see and hear.

Netflix said, in a recent blog post, that movie and TV show ratings will be made more prominent when you're looking through what's available for your next "Netflix and chill" session. They're also providing descriptive information as straight ratings systems don't tell the whole story. The system looks very similar to what Australian audiences are already used to with TV shows and movies. There's a letter rating accompanied by a short description as to whether there's coarse language or anything else parents might like to know.

Image: Netflix

Also, PIN parental control for individual movies and series is being introduced. If you want to block a specific show from your kids then you can lock it way from them with a PIN code. That way, you can stop them from watching it until either you feel they're ready or only under your supervision.

Image: Netflix

Managing the viewing habits of children is a very personal thing. Some families are OK with letting kids watch almost anything while others are far stricter. It seems that Netflix is trying to find a balance between those two ends of the parenting spectrum.

The new parental controls aren't available in Australia just yet, but they will be progressively rolling out across devices and markets, so expect to see them soon.

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