Look Who’s A Totem Bearer Now, Suckas

Look Who’s A Totem Bearer Now, Suckas

Celebrate good times, come on! The Legends of Tomorrow have not one, but two new totem bearers in their midst. Mallus doesn’t stand a chance.

“Sara isn’t home right now.” Image: CW

In the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow, “Necromancing the Stone”, Sara finds herself pulled to the Death Totem, which Ray had previously hidden away in a super-duper locked box that was surprisingly easy to open. After donning the totem, Sara is transformed into a white wig-clad ghost monster who starts attacking people on the ship. Because (surprise!) Mallus is actually using the totem to take control of her and free himself.

As the Legends take on the ghosts of their loved ones, which Mallus is conjuring to mess with them, an increasingly jealous Ava teams up with Sara’s former hookup Constantine to find and rescue her new GF. Their dynamic is a lot of fun because Constantine is just so cool about the whole thing: “Yeah we slept together and that’s awesome you’re a couple now also hey what’s up, Gary?” It makes me extra excited that Constantine will become a series regular if/when they get a fourth season. (I also love how the plotline ends up paralleling a game from Gary’s latest Dungeons & Dragons meetup, and Constantine joins his group for their next bout. Go Gary!)

As they attempt to overpower Mallus!Sara, Vixen realises that one of the Legends needs to wield a totem in order to free her from the demon’s control. Of course, Nate is like “yeeeeeeeeah” and immediately goes to find the Earth Totem, but he isn’t the Legend destined to wield a totem. Stop being selfish, bro, you already got your steel power thanks to Ray. Be satisfied.

“I know kung-fire.” Image: CW

Turns out… it’s Rory! Our beloved pyromaniac bonds with the Fire Totem (Vixen thinks it was his destiny all along) and uses its power to weaken Mallus and help free Sara. I am cool with this. Give Rory all the powers, please.

I am curious who’s going to make it happen with the Death Totem – as it’s dangerous but seemingly necessary to wield in order to defeat Mallus – and who will turn out to be the Earth Totem bearer. It’s totally going to be Ray, right? Also, get Ava and Sara back together, please. Like right now.