It’s Time To Log Off

It’s Time To Log Off

In 1997, Japanese video game magazine The 64 Dream published an interview with Nintendo game designers Shigesato Itoi and Shigeru Miyamoto. Would there be a sequel to smash success Mario 64? What would the rumoured N64DD hardware add-on do? It was a heady time in gaming, though the eventual answers to these questions would be “no” and “very little.”

The article was translated to English some 15 years later, and almost five years after that, a picture from that interview – a dopey plush of Kirby perched out front of game studio HAL Laboratories – became a tweet.

That other thing is an axolotl, an amphibian renowned for its ability to regenerate lost body parts, including some sections of its brain.

Knowing any of this does nothing alter to your enjoyment of the video.

[h/t Steve Rousseau]

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