Edifier's New S880DB Speakers Are More Affordable Than They Look

Edifier's speakers are invariably beautiful, and the shiny new S880DB model is no exception.

I'm really digging the whole gloss white and wood look these speakers have got going on. But of course, it's not all about the looks - Edifier are promising some gorgeous audio from these babies.

The S880DB are Edifier's first to gain High-Res Audio certification, and are kitted out with a titanium-laminate tweeter unit. The 19mm dome treble tweeter drive unit promises "optimal resolution with finely tuned sensitivity" - a crisp, bright sound, basically. They also boast a metal diaphragm bass unit promising "extremely sharp dynamics" and an aluminium frame for more power with less vibration.

There are a bunch of options for connectivity, with Bluetooth, AUX, optical cord, and coaxial input options. There's also USB and RCA connections, too - so you've got phone, laptop, TV, thumbdrive and gaming options covered.

As for the specs - you're looking at a XMOS processor for USB capabilities and Bluetooth v4.1, a built in amplifier, 4 different EQ modes and a 192kHz sample signal rate through multiple inputs.

You can pickup the S880DB online from today for $399.95.

As soon as we get our hands on a set we'll let you know how they perform.

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