David Bowie’s Music, Art And Legend Get Celebrated At This Intense Museum Exhibit

David Bowie’s Music, Art And Legend Get Celebrated At This Intense Museum Exhibit

Video: A travelling art exhibit celebrating the late David Bowie has made its final stop, giving all the Diamond Dogs, Earthlings and Space Oddities one more chance to celebrate the artistic legacy of the Chameleon of Rock. For those who can’t make the trek out to Brooklyn, New York, we have a look inside the exhibit.

Photos of David Bowie line an exhibit dedicated to the late musician and icon.

The David Bowie Is museum exhibit first started touring the world in 2013, years before the iconic artist died in 2016. Now, the exhibit is making its final stop at the Brooklyn Museum. Many of the set pieces involve a multitude of screens showing Bowie’s performances and early recordings. But it should be no surprise that it’s meant to be experienced aurally – each visitor receives headphones playing Bowie’s music, which changes as you approach each part of the exhibit.

Bowie was as much an art icon as a musical icon, and there are hundreds of archival photos, promotional photos and album cover art, spanning from his youth as David Jones to his final album, Blackstar. There’s even a sizeable collection of fan art devoted to him. Then, of course, there’s the fashion. There are more than 60 of Bowie’s inimitable outfits on display, spanning his nearly 60-year career in concerts, on albums, in TV appearances – sometimes even just day to day.

Honestly, this is just the tiniest look at David Bowie Is – not just in terms of the exhibit, which is massive, but also the man himself. Bowie was so many things, and his legacy will last even after the curtain closes on this touching tribute. If you happen to be in the Brooklyn area, check it out before it closes July 15.