Can You Handle High-Speed Drone Racing… From The Drone’s POV?

Drone racing. Of course people do that! But it’s one thing to stand around, watching these tiny flying machines zip past at breakneck speeds and entirely another to experience it from the drone’s perspective. For one, it’s a lot more vomit-inducing, so if you’re of a weak constitution, you might want to give this clip a pass.

The video, filmed by drone racing enthusiast Paul Nurkkala back in January, takes us on a spinny, twirly and flippy trip around a variety of purpose-built courses and I have to say, this guy’s reflexes are something else.

While you could go with an off-the-shelf drone, Nurkkala’s is custom-made, from the racing frame through to the flight controller and motor.

It’s a little hard to spot, but in the first part of the video, there’s another drone ahead of Nurkkala’s. Yes, that’s how small they are.

If you enjoyed this, a bunch more can be found on his YouTube channel.

[YouTube, via Geekologie]