Android P Will Bring Death To Telemarketing Calls

Android P Will Bring Death To Telemarketing Calls
Image: iStock

Hands up of you like getting calls from telemarketers? I didn’t think too many hands would go up. Most of us have adopted manual processes for avoiding marketing calls like not answering where there’s no caller ID identified or if calls come from unknown numbers. And there’s always the “Do Not Call” register. But the next version of Android, currently dubbed Android P, may include a feature called “Enhanced Call Blocking”.

A report from XDA says the existing function, which allows you to block calls from specific numbers, will be enhanced significantly.

The new functionality will allow you to block calls if the caller’s number is not in your contacts list, the number is not disclosed by caller, the call originates from a pay phone or the number doesn’t have caller ID information. The ability to block specific numbers will be retained.

There’s also protection built in so if you make a call to emergency services they can call back. The call blocking will be disabled if you make an emergency services call.

According to an analysis of the code, Android P’s setting will allow you to customise how call blocking will work – it won’t be an all or nothing setting. Combined with registration on the Do Not Call register this will go a long way to stopping nuisance calls from coming in. And it will likely help stop calls from organisations that have exemptions from the register.