Amazon Delivery Driver Reportedly Fired For Squashing Puppy With Package

Amazon Delivery Driver Reportedly Fired For Squashing Puppy With Package

An Amazon driver accused of dropping a package on a customer’s puppy has reportedly been fired.

Image: Roly Andrade

The Miami Herald reports that a driver delivering a seven-pound package of children’s swimwear was captured on surveillance video carelessly tossing the package of over a chain-link fence. The unidentified Amazon delivery driver is seen in a video uploaded to Facebook walking up the driveway and a puppy’s head appears and disappears in the lower right side of the frame.

He seems to drop the package directly on the dog, logs in his successful delivery, heads back to his vehicle, and drives away.

The customer, Roly Andrade, wrote on Facebook, “This guy from amazon threw a package right on my puppy and you can tell it was on purpose, he didn’t even care.”

The Miami Herald contacted Amazon about the incident and a spokesperson reportedly replied, “This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery partners, and this individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages.”

Andrade’s partner, Brittany Aaron, replied to the video in a comment, saying that Amazon told her it would cover any medical expenses if the dog was injured. We’ve reached out to Amazon for confirmation but did not receive an immediate reply. [Update: Amazon sent us the same confirmation that was given to the Miami Herald.]

Aaron told the Herald the dog’s “eye is a little squinty. I think the corner of the box got him.” She’s unsure if Rocky has any injuries that aren’t readily apparent. She added that the couple has an accessible front door and she doesn’t understand why he elected to put the package where he did. “He clearly knew what he was doing,” she said.

The video evidence paints an ambiguous picture. It’s plausible that the driver didn’t notice what he’s doing. A larger dog is also present and appears to be barking. It’s a fact that mail carriers actually deal with being attacked by dogs more than you probably think.

US Postal Service workers even use an app to warn each other of homes where a dog might be a problem. But it’s hard to say this driver looks visibly scared — he really doesn’t give a shit.

So, let’s not go patting Amazon on the back for realising that puppy abuse isn’t a good look. Its reports finding workers peeing in their vehicles just to save time and meet their quotas. Whatever this guy was doing, it looks like he wanted to lose his job.

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