Westworld Is One Of Six Parks, And Here’s A Peek At The Next One

Westworld Is One Of Six Parks, And Here’s A Peek At The Next One

These violent delights may never end. A newly discovered website for HBO’s Westworld confirms that Delos has five other parks under its belt, and we think we know which one we’re heading to next season.

All images: HBO

After the season two teaser trailer debuted during the Super Bowl on Monday, a user on Reddit discovered a well-hidden link for a website called Delos Destinations. The site lauds “the luxury resort, redefined”, and reveals a slideshow depicting six parks that exist or are currently in development. This matches a major hint given at the end of season one, when Maeve (Thandie Newton) is given a location for her in-world daughter, located in “Park 1, Sector 15, Zone 3”.

As of now, Westworld is the only theme park that actually works (and technically it isn’t at 100 per cent, post-season finale), but we also see what’s potentially the first shots of the Japanese-inspired park known currently as “S World”, which likely means Samurai World, Shōgun World or something similar. The first image is a look over a cityscape, seen above, while the other down below (which fades in and out on the website with a weird, glitchy visual) hints at some beautiful nature scenery. Whether either of these are stills from the upcoming season or stock footage remains to be seen, but it’s a good indicator of where the show’s headed.

Show creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have hinted that Medieval World and Roman World (depicted in Michael Crichton’s 1973 film) – or at least versions of them – could be coming in the future, which leaves the door open for Futureworld (as seen in the 1976 Richard T. Heffron sequel) as well. But what would the sixth one be? I saw some people theorising on Reddit that it could be a closed-off secret park where the robots are trained to act like real people, to further some more nefarious purpose. This sounds pretty interesting, but it wouldn’t explain why Robert Ford, or even Charlotte Hale, would have wanted to sneak a robot out of Westworld so badly. Unless… they didn’t know about it.

We’re also left wondering where the hell all these parks actually are, or planned to be. They’d each take up hundreds of kilometres of space, right? Maybe they’re on Mars, as some have theorised. In any case, the website says “reservations closed to the public” currently – probably because everyone there is about to die.

The site also gives us a better look at a brand-new character, Delos founder James Delos, who is seen getting tortured and bloodied in both versions of the trailer (there’s a red band version on Westworld’s website that features new shots and some more gory details). This means he was likely at the park during the whole Journey Into Night debacle. Whoops. Westworld returns April 22.