Watching That Girl From The Ring Crawl Out Of A TV In AR Just Ruined My Day

Augmented reality promises to deliver us a future in which we can simply look through our screens to magically transform the world around us. It also has the potential to really fuck your day up.

GIF: YouTube/Gizmodo

At least that was my experience after watching this reenactment of that iconic scene from The Ring where the ghost of a murdered girl crawls out of a TV screen. Programmer Abhishek Singh said he brought the scene to life using Unity.

Singh uploaded a video of the reenactment to YouTube on Wednesday. The ghoul is realistic — or at least realistic enough to completely freak me out. She is even seemingly able to follow the viewer around.

This type of use case signals a more hopeful, albeit horrifying, potential for augmented reality that, aside from Pokemon Go, has mostly resulted in undelivered promises and a hell of a lot of gimmicks.

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