Updates From Silver And Black, Fear The Walking Dead, And More

Updates From Silver And Black, Fear The Walking Dead, And More

Director Gina-Prince Bythewood responds to recent rumours around the production of Silver and Black. One of the creators behind The Last of Us doesn’t want the movie to happen. New Stranger Things casting call teases some slimy individuals coming to season 3. Plus, new looks at the return of iZombie and Fear the Walking Dead. Spoilers now!

Black Widow

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tessa Thompson confirmed Marvel is indeed working on a Black Widow solo movie.

I think what we’re seeing, regardless of a Lady Liberator or an A-Force movie or a female ensemble Marvel movie, is that in phase four, women rule supreme. We’re seeing a Black Widow movie in the works, which I hear about and is so exciting, Captain Marvel with Brie Larson and DeWanda Wise. We’re seeing that women are at the forefront of these stories [and], of course, with Black Panther those incredible warrior women in that film.

Silver & Black

That Hashtag Show recently claimed that Sony has delayed Silver & Black “indefinitely.” In response, director Gina-Prince Bythewood took to Twitter to confirm she’s still working on the script.

Battlestar Galactica

In conversation with Coming Soon, Red Sparrow director Francis Lawrence revealed he’s still working on a theatrical Battlestar Galactica movie.

I’m working on that, that’s something I’m developing. I’m working on that with Lisa Joy, who is one of the creators of Westworld. The original series was actually one of the first sets that I ever went on… I loved that show as a kid. I loved the Ron Moore show too.


Speaking with Cinema Blend, Ellen Page stated she would “love” to play Kitty Pryde a second time in Tim Miller’s upcoming 143.

I loved playing Kitty Pryde, and I think one of the things I always felt was I wish I could have done more. My experience in the films wasn’t necessarily that extensive and she is such a great character. I don’t know anything about the movie to be honest with you, but yeah, of course, that’s something I’d love to do, but I don’t know.

Danger Girl

THR reports Umair Aleem (Extraction) has been hired to write the film adaptation of the fondly remembered ’90s comic book series from J. Scott Campbell and writer Andy Hartnell.

48 Meters Down

In conversation with Bloody-Disgusting, Johannes Roberts stated his elevator pitch for the sequel to last year’s 47 Meters Down is “The Descent underwater.”

If I had to pitch it in a very simple way, I would describe it as The Descent underwater. So it will be six or seven people trapped in the caves in Brazil, an underwater city… It will all be cave diving which is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. I trained to do cave diving while I was shooting 47 in the Dominican Republic. It’s beyond terrifying so it just seemed like a really great idea to make that the sequel.


Production has begun on Polar, the film adaptation of the Dark Horse graphic novel, Polar: Came From the Cold by Victor Santos. The story concerns an ageing assassin (Mads Mikkelsen) marked for death by his former employer who then has to defend himself against a legion of younger, hungrier assassins. [Coming Soon]

The Last of Us

During a panel at DICE Summit 2018, Naughty Dog director Neil Druckerman stated he hopes Screen Gems decides not to produce their in-limbo film adaptation of the studio’s post-apocalyptic.

…And even I worked on the script for The Last of Us film, which was a direct adaptation. And now, having some separation from it, I look back and [am] like, ‘I don’t want that movie to be made.’

[Screen Rant]

Detective Pikachu

An anonymous tipster has sent us in a few snaps from recent filming in London, giving us a better look at the police cars and taxis of the film’s setting, Rhyme City.

The Death of Superman

World’s Finest Online has a preview image from DC’s second attempt at an animated Death of Superman movie.


Angel Zhou (Hell on Wheels) has joined the cast of Supergirl as Dr. Grace Parker, a renowned surgeon in National City. [Supergirl.tv]

Spoiler TV has also learned that episodes 17 and 18 of the current season are titled, “Trinity” and “Shelter from the Storm,” respectively.


Sarah Jeffrey has been cast as the youngest sister of the trio, Madison, “a bubbly college freshman who finds witchcraft at odds with her goal of getting into a super fun sorority.” [Deadline]


An upcoming episode will see the soul of Abel escaping Hell to inhabit the body of a young woman on Earth, played by Laura Lapkus. [TV Line]

Stranger Things

That Hashtag Show claims to have descriptions for three brand-new characters debuting in season three.

“Mayor Larry Kline” – A classic, 80’s style slick politician. Pathetic and driven only by his own interests. The studio is looking for a male, aged from 40s-60s, to fill the role.

“Bruce” – A morally compromised news reporter in his 50s. Outwardly sexist, overweight and bedraggled.

“Patricia Brown” – A sweet, neighbourhood elder in her 70s who will spend a lot of time tending to her garden and offering her advice to the neighbourhood kids.

Amphibia/The Owl House

The Disney Channel has greenlit two new animated series. Amphibia follows the adventures of a teenage girl named Anne Boonchuy who is somehow magically transported to a kingdom of frog-people, while The Owl House follows the adventures of a teenage girl who is somehow magically transported to a kingdom of demons.

Amphibia comes from Gravity Falls storyboard artist Matt Braly, while The Owl House is the brainchild of another Gravity Falls storyboard artist, Dana Terrace. [Coming Soon]


Episode 19 of season six is titled, “Enter the Dragon,” according to Spoiler TV.

The Flash

Meanwhile, episodes 18, 19, and 20 of season four will be titled, “Lose Yourself,” “Fury Rogue,” and “Therefore She Is,” respectively. [Spoiler TV]

Legends of Tomorrow

The western-set third season finale is titled, “The Good, The Bad, and the Cuddly,” so in addition to Jonah Hex and John Constantine, maybe a reappearance of Cuddle Me Beebo is on the cards? [Spoiler TV]

Agents of SHIELD

Spoiler TV has dozens of celebratory pics of the cast enjoying its milestone 100th episode, “The Real Deal,” in which we finally learn the bargain Coulson made with Ghost Rider. The site also has a few pics of the cast staring pensively at each other, so click through to see more of those.

Fear the Walking Dead

Entertainment Weekly has a gallery of photos from the new season, featuring zombies and some very miserable-looking people (and Morgan from The Walking Dead!).


Elsewhere, KSiteTV has pics from the third season premiere of Shadowhunters, “On Infernal Ground.” More at the link.

Ash vs. The Evil Dead

Dana DeLorenzo teased to Den of Geek that Kelly will go “ballistic” in episode six of the new season.

The worst thing you could do to Kelly is bench her, so that is it, finally, thanks to her being with Brandy in the moment and Brandy having enough Ash Williams DNA in her to shoot first, think never, suddenly opens up this window of opportunity for Kelly, to finally get her game on and oh-my-god, she goes ballistic! I’m telling you, it is the rage and it is Kelly in all her glory, that is reminiscent of the deli slicer scene and it all comes down to this one moment for Kelly in season three, everything we’ve been building up towards, every skill she’s learned, every insane, epic battle and fights she’s had, every foul thing she’s ever said – it all gets used in this moment and I’m so excited for you to see it!

…and here’s one last commercial for Shemp’s, for good measure.


Finally, here’s a sneak peek from tonight’s season premiere of iZombie, titled, “Are You Ready For Some Zombies?” DESPERATELY.

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