This Statue Perfectly Captures Ben Affleck’s Sadness At Having To Play Batman

Ben Affleck’s time as Batman has had highs, but it’s mostly been defined by the endless discussion about just how done he is with the Bat-mantle, and how long it will be until he announces his exit from the role. Which honestly makes this new statue a perfect collectible for the Batfleck era.

Prime 1 Studio has been making ginormous, incredible-looking statues of superhero movie stars for ages at this point, and the stars of Justice League are no exception. The company just revealed an updated look at the special, unmasked version of Batman it will be releasing as a variant for its Justice League line. It is, as you might expect, an uncannily great sculpt of Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. But it’s a very specific version of Affleck.

One where… gosh, where he looks so glum.

This would be understandable, given that Batman is, well, Batman, and his whole goddamn thing is “Bats” and “being glum” in that order. But it’s hard not to look at this 91cm tall rendition of Ben Affleck just looking so morosely resigned at being forced to wear a Bat-suit, especially since there have been endless rumours about how much — and how quickly — he wants out of the role.

He is vengeance. He is the night. But he’s also very, very bummed out. And you can own one for the low low price of… $US999 (no word on local price yet) when the statue is released this early next year. At hearing that price, though, I imagine there are more than a few Bat-fans who just made the same face.