This Bitcoin Aquarium Makes $16,000 A Month

This Bitcoin Aquarium Makes $16,000 A Month
Image: Limping-Zebra

It’s tough times for cryptocurrency right now, but like they say: the show must go on. For bitcoin miners, that means finding better ways to keep your hardware cool and one method of doing that is by dunking them in a non-conductive liquid.

A Reddit user by the name of Limping-Zebra posted a few videos of their immersion-cooled setup, home to 36 ASIC miners.

While Limping-Zebra was reluctant to share what the immersion is (calling it a “proprietary mix”), it is a dielectric fluid that’s pumped through a water-cooled heat exchanger.

Apparently, the miners make 1.5BTC per month, or about $16,000… though that number could be 50 per cent lower or higher, depending on the time of day.

Here’s another picture, showing a GPU setup.

If you’d like to see more images and videos, Limping-Zebra’s user profile is a treasure trove.