Report: Brian Michael Bendis And Tim Miller Are Teaming Up For A Kitty Pryde X-Men Spinoff

Brian Michael Bendis might have recently left Marvel Comics to write for DC, but he hasn’t completely abandoned the Marvel universe. Bendis and Deadpool director Tim Miller are coming together to make an X-Men film, which looks to be the long-rumoured Kitty Pryde spin-off.

Image: Marvel Comics

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miller and Bendis are developing a project currently called 143. X-Men fans might recognise that as a reference to Uncanny X-Men #143, a 1981 comic where Kitty, home alone in the mansion, faced off against the N’Garai demon… and won. While that storyline and protagonist haven’t been confirmed, it does match an earlier report that Miller was making a Kitty Pryde spin-off.

This project, which is under the Fox umbrella, marks a return to Marvel products for both Bendis and Miller. Bendis is currently developing three Superman titles for DC after announcing his exit from Marvel in late 2017, and Miller stepped away from making the sequel to Deadpool, citing creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds.

Ellen Page already brought fan-favourite Kitty Pryde to life in X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Anyone you could see taking on the role next?

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