Poop Is A Really Popular Kids Toy This Year

Poop Is A Really Popular Kids Toy This Year

Poop should not be a trend. Nevertheless turd toys were everywhere at Toy Fair this year. But it wasn’t all faecal fare. Boogers, farts, and pimples were all the subject of toys appropriate for kids too. As toymakers can’t seem to stop pushing the limits, we set to find the grossest toys we could.

Below are the 7 grossest toys we found at Toy Fair, ranked in order of filthiness.

7. Jakks Pacific Skid Shot 30

OK, yes, the Skid Shot 30 has skid in the title, and probably makes you think of skid marks and that one summer of nastiness where you’re brother refused to wipe, but the Skid Shot 30 is only tangentially related to the bum hole.

You load toilet paper into the Skid Shot 30, and it wets and wads it up creating huge spit balls that are sure to make people gag is they fly past their faces and slap against the wall.

Rating: ????

6. Alex Brands Plunge It

We’ve all been there. Watching our friends plunge a monster turd out of the toilet and thinking “I can do that better.

Alex Brands’ Plunge It! game lets you finally prove you’re better at sucking up poops than your friends. A toy turd rests in the middle of the board and players compete to claim it with their plunger.

Rating: ????????

5. Mattel Flushing Frenzy

Plunge It! was just one of many poo plunger games at Toy Fair this year. Mattel’s Flushin’ Frenzy also involved furious application of plunging tools. This time players role a dice which tells them how many plunge attempts they get. The loser is the player who sends the turd flying into the air.

Which is a rule that holds true in real life too.

Rating: ????????

4. Spin Master Flush Force

No other toy on this list requires you to fill tiny toilets to find out what kind of figurine you got.

There are multiple Flush Force figures available, and kids are encouraged to collect them. They will know they got an especially rare one if they fill the toilet and the water changes colour.

When we were kids that just meant we weren’t drinking enough water.

Rating: ????????????

3. Jakks Pacific Pull My Finger

Despite the name, the goal of Pull My Finger is to not create farts. Instead, players spin a dial that tells them how many times they must pull the finger of Mr. Buster, a monkey with too many carbs in its diet.

The monkey’s butt slowly inflates with each tug, and then randomly deflates, emitting a noisy toot. The player who causes the fart is eliminated.

Rating: ????????????

2. Spin Master Dr. Pimple Popper

The world is a terrible place, so of course someone had to make a board game where you pop pimples. Dr. Pimple Popper is sort of like Operation in that you have to do some careful extractions. But this time you’re scooping up white heads and blackheads.

A spinning dial tells you where on Pete’s face to focus and if you uses too much force in your attempt at dermatology Pete’s mega-zit will explode.

Rating: ????????????????

1. Hasbro Don’t Step In It

The filthiest toy on our list earns it spot for the sheer number of poops involved. In Hasbro’s Don’t Step In It you create a ton of poop using modelling clay and a mould, then you place them on a mat.

Players spin a dial and take turns walking blindfolded and barefoot down the mat, hoping not to step in it.

Rating: ????????????????????