Jurassic Park Would Have Been An Even Bigger Hit If All The Dinosaurs Were Also Cars

It's probably greedy to stop and wonder what could make a movie like Jurassic Park - which made over a billion dollars at the box office - even more profitable. But then Hot Wheels went and revealed a new line of half-truck-half-dinosaur character cars for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and suddenly a whole new avenue of sequel potential has been born.

People love dinosaurs, and people love cars (why else would we have eight Fast and Furious movies, and counting)? Putting the two together makes perfect sense, so kudos to Mattel for being the first to capitalise on this synergistic opportunity to deliver a new Hot Wheels line the six-year-old version of me would have had a meltdown in the toy store for.

Available sometime this Autumn for $5 each, the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Hot Wheels character cars include four- and six-wheeled, gas-powered versions of a tyrannosaurus rex, a stegosaurus, Blue the velociraptor, a triceratops, and a mosasaurus. Now admittedly, traffic on Isla Nublar would have been a nightmare had Hammond genetically-engineered dino-cars instead of real ones. However, seeing a tyrannosaurus truck off-roading majestically through the park would have definitely made it worth the trip.

[Hot Wheels]

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