In The New Jessica Jones Trailer, The Ghosts Of The Past Come Back At The Worst Possible Time

Video: The first season of Jessica Jones left the surly, superpowered private investigator to pick up the pieces after the abuse she suffered at the hands of Kilgrave. The next season will seemingly see her try to put another incident to rest: The mysterious accident that killed her family and gave her those superpowers.

Revealed by Vulture this morning, the trailer leans heavily into Jessica exploring the events that saw her family wrenched from her, but it isn't the only trouble she'll face in the season. There's a slimy figure trying to take over Alias Investigations, a violent murder spree across New York, and even minor things such as "super vigilante shit".

Oh, and there's the little thing of having to deal with one particularly vindictive spectre from her recent past, too. Looks like Jess is going to need a stiff drink or six to get through this one. Jessica Jones returns to Netflix on March 8.

[via Vulture]

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