I’m Completely Captivated By The Clever Tricks Used To Build A Disco Ball Inside A Lightbulb

Video: Any room with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling is a non-stop party, and now any space can easily get a dance floor upgrade with this fun DIY project that shows you how to build a disco ball – using some brilliantly clever building techniques – inside a standard-sized lightbulb.

The folks behind the W&M YouTube channel must have a lot of experience building model ships inside glass bottles, because they cleverly fit a small wooden ball, which can’t fit through a lightbulb’s narrow neck, inside a lightbulb by cutting it into quarters and then reassembling it once inside. They also managed to cover the wooden ball in tiny mirror pieces, and squeeze a motor and LED lighting mechanism into the bulb, all without going insane from having to work with tweezers to complete the build.

[YouTube via Hackaday]