Here's Your First, Very Serious Look At Netflix's Lost In Space Reboot

Video: Outside casting, we've barely heard a thing about Netflix's reboot of the cult sci-fi classic Lost in Space. Now, we finally have a cryptic teaser as our first look... and it seems as though this show is going to be a lot more serious than you might have expected out of a new Lost in Space.

The first teaser doesn't really actually show much of the series itself - it's a teaser of the spacesuit-clad Robinson family grimly taking their final steps on Earth while lamenting that the world is no longer a home that can keep humanity safe. Meaning, it's time to get into a spaceship and, well, get lost. In space.

Things naturally go awry by the end of the teaser, and you get your practically mandatory "danger, Will Robinson!" callout, but otherwise, it feels less like Lost in Space and more like a totally new and somewhat intriguing series that just happens to share the name.

Lost in Space, starring Molly Parker, Parker Posey, Toby Stephens and Ignacia Serricchio, hits Netflix April 13.

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