Fujifilm Factory Tour Shows How Much Work Goes Into Making Modern Cameras And Lenses

We just assume nowadays that almost everything is mass-produced by machines, including complicated devices like cameras and camera lenses. Turns out that's not the case — at least, not for Fujifilm. In this video, we get the opportunity to see all the hard work and attention-to-detail that goes into producing a subset of the company's range of shooting hardware.

Cinema5D's Johnnie Behiri recently paid a visit to Fujifilm's factory in Sendai, Japan, where the company's MK lenses and X-T2 cameras are produced.

What surprised Behiri the most — other than the clean room requirements — was the fact that the devices aren't mass produced, each demanding significant human involvement:

It is also absolutely astonising to see with all this modernaity [sic] around, each Fujinon MK lens is being produced and assembled by hand.

Image: Cinema5D / YouTube

It's fascinating, really, watching what's involved, from applying glue to removing every visible speck of dust from the glass components. Check it out for yourself.

[Cinema5D, via PetaPixel]

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