Fujifilm Factory Tour Shows How Much Work Goes Into Making Modern Cameras And Lenses

We just assume nowadays that almost everything is mass-produced by machines, including complicated devices like cameras and camera lenses. Turns out that’s not the case — at least, not for Fujifilm. In this video, we get the opportunity to see all the hard work and attention-to-detail that goes into producing a subset of the company’s range of shooting hardware.

Cinema5D’s Johnnie Behiri recently paid a visit to Fujifilm’s factory in Sendai, Japan, where the company’s MK lenses and X-T2 cameras are produced.

What surprised Behiri the most — other than the clean room requirements — was the fact that the devices aren’t mass produced, each demanding significant human involvement:

It is also absolutely astonising to see with all this modernaity [sic] around, each Fujinon MK lens is being produced and assembled by hand.

It’s fascinating, really, watching what’s involved, from applying glue to removing every visible speck of dust from the glass components. Check it out for yourself.

[Cinema5D, via PetaPixel]