Final Stargate Origins Trailer Shows That ‘Eureka, The Stargate Actually Works!’

Video: Oh, you didn’t think there was going to be a Stargate series without an actual Stargate, did you?

Still: Stargate Command via YouTube

The full-length trailer is here for the upcoming prequel series, Stargate Origins, showing original film character Catherine Langford (Ellie Gall) as she discovers the true nature of the mysterious gate that’s spawned countless hours of film and television. Her professor father, who first discovered the gate, is accosted by a Nazi occultist, so it’s up to Catherine and two soldiers to journey into the unknown to save him. And if you thought unknown meant “through the Stargate”, I have some good news for you…



The 10-episode web series definitely shows its budget limitations, but it does appear to have a lot of heart and effort put into it. It’s clear the people making it care a lot about the Stargate universe and all that it entails. It’s kind of amazing how a one-off action movie released almost 25 years ago has inspired such a devoted fanbase.

Stargate Origins debuts on February 15 through MGM’s Stargate Command paid subscription service, which also includes access to the entire Stargate library of shows and films.

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