Doctor Who Could Be Visiting A Major Moment In The American Civil Rights Movement

Doctor Who Could Be Visiting A Major Moment In The American Civil Rights Movement

Solo: A Star Wars Story casts a surprising addition. Tessa Thompson still has hopes for an all-female Marvel team up movie. The LEGO Movie spinoff has lost its director. Plus, a familiar face is returning to Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash takes on a golden age comics villain, and a new look at The X-Files‘ return. Spoilers now!

Solo: A Star Wars Story

According to Ron Howard on Twitter, Jon Favreau is voicing a “very cool & important alien character” in the Han Solo spinoff film.

Meanwhile, here’s the latest poster:


Blue Sky Studios has hired Karen Disher to co-direct their first animated musical with Peanuts director Steve Martino. The story concerns a young fantasy fan disappointed by the ending of his favourite YA series who drags the author into a world of his own creation. [/Film]

All-Female Marvel Movie

Speaking with IGN, Tessa Thompson revealed Marvel is “interested” in producing her hopes for a team-up movie featuring the MCU’s beloved cast of female heroes.

I think [Marvel boss] Kevin Feige is really excited by the idea, and if you look at what’s happened already in Phase 4 with me and [Thompson’s character] Valkyrie and our story, and then in Black Panther the women rule supreme. There’s an interest – they’re doing Captain Marvel, they’re doing a Black Widow – there’s an interest in having women at the forefront of this phase. I feel like it’s hopeful, who knows.

The Billion Brick Race

According to a recent Facebook post, director Jorge R. Gutierrez has officially left the LEGO Movie spinoff.

I would like to publicly and from the bottom of my heart thank everyone I worked with at Briksburg, LEGO and WAG. These last 9 months were a rollercoaster of thrills to say the least. I met so many amazing new people and learned a ton from all these incredible artists, directors, writers, editors, producers and execs. I leave a better filmmaker and it’s because of you all. May our paths cross again. Gracias mis amigos. And as I toasted on my first day there, “May we slip n slide on the blood of our enemies!!!”

[Flickering Myth]


In a recent interview with Digital Spy, J.J. Abrams boasted what is likely to be the fourth Cloverfield as a “really crazy movie”.

Overlord… first of all, it’s something that I can’t wait for you to see ’cause the director, Julius Avery, has done an amazing job on it. But the specifics, you know, we should wait and see. But that’s really a crazy movie.

New Mutants

Speaking with Collider, Maisie Williams stated she believes “it’s for the better” New Mutants has been delayed.

Well, it was always a really quick turn around, and there was always battles of how they were going to manage it. We finished in September and they were going to release in April and there’s – it’s a mutant film, there’s a lot of effects. There’s a lot of work that goes into the movie. They really make the movie after we finish shooting, so there was always kind of a bit nervous, really. I know how long this sort of thing takes on Game of Thrones and I know the work that they want to put in is – it’s a huge job. Actually, I think it’s for the better. I think it’s good that we’ve got more time. We’re not so strapped and up against it.


A new featurette focuses on the film’s female-lead cast.

Doctor Who

Actors David Rubin and Aki Omoshaybi are listed on the casting website Spotlight as playing Raymond Parks (Rosa Parks’ husband) and Fred Grey (Rosa Parks’ lawyer and a crucial figure in the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955-1956), respectively.


TV Line reports Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle star Ser’Darius Blain has been cast as Gavin, the boyfriend of one of the new sisters, Macy, who aspires to be a filmmaker.


Here’s your first look at Malec in season three.


Buddy TV has a splashy new poster for the creepy new mermaid drama coming to Freeform.

Legends of Tomorrow

Caity Lotz directed a brief music video with the cast of Legends to promote next week’s disco-time loop episode.

Coming Soon also has a gallery of images from “The Devil’s Triangle,” in which the gang meet Blackbeard. More at the link.

Lastly, a set photo from Nick Zano seems to confirm Constantine will indeed return later this season.

The Flash

Coming Soon also has pics from “Subject 9”, introducing a very different take on the Golden Age Flash antagonist, The Fiddler.

Muppet Babies

The Muppet Babies reboot has tapped Hamilton’s Renée Elise Goldsberry to sing a new rendition of the theme song, which you can hear in part below.

Ash vs the Evil Dead

Ash and the gang are back in a new trailer for season three.

The X-Files

Mulder & Scully order sushi in a new, techno-inspired trailer for the series’ return episode from writer Glen Morgan, titled “Rm9sbG93ZXJz”.

Here’s the synopsis:

In a world of ever-increasing automation and artificial intelligence, Mulder and Scully find themselves targets in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse in the all-new Rm9sbG93ZXJz.

The final three episodes of the season are titled “Familiar”, “Nothing Lasts Forever” and “My Struggle IV”, according to the Futon Critic.

Good Omens

Motivational posters from Hell have been posted to Neil Gaiman’s Twitter and Instagram.

Star Wars: Rebels

Finally, Ezra leads a rescue mission in the latest clip from next week’s episode, “Jedi Night”.

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