Doctor Minn-Erva’s Casting May Spell Trouble For Carol Danvers In The Captain Marvel Movie

Doctor Minn-Erva’s Casting May Spell Trouble For Carol Danvers In The Captain Marvel Movie
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We’re still at an early enough point into Captain Marvel‘s production that we don’t know all that much about the film. (Other than how Carol ultimately ends up getting a much better costume, anyway). But the latest casting news may shed a little light about what Captain Marvel has in store.

Doctor Minn-Erva flies into action on her way to steal an Inhuman cocoon. Image: Giuseppe Camuncoli (Marvel)

Though we haven’t heard too many details as of late, Deadline is reporting that Gemma Chan (Humans, Fantastic Beasts, Doctor Who) is set to play Doctor Minn-Erva, a Kree geneticist and spy who crosses paths with Carol Danvers at some point during her spacefaring adventure.

In Marvel’s comics, Minn-Erva (or Minerva, if you’d rather) is best known for her attempts at tracking down Captain Mar-Vell in hopes of procreating with him in order to create the perfect offspring. Given Minn-Erva’s traditional obsession with Mar-Vell’s DNA and Carol’s powers coming from being exposed to Mar-Vell’s genetic material, it stands to reason that Minn-Erva might spend a sizable portion of Captain Marvel trying to kill Carol in the name of science.

Then again, the MCU’s take on Minn-Erva might be completely unlike her comic book counterpart. Previous reports have suggested Ben Mendelsohn would be taking on a villainous role for the film, but there’s no way of knowing until we get closer to Captain Marvel‘s release date, 8 March 2019 in the US. Chan will return to AMC’s Humans as Mia for season three later this year.