An Unhinged Young Mother Faces Her Worst Fear In Horrifying Short ‘Behind’

Arianne is already in full crisis mode at the start of Ángel Gómez Hernández’s short Behind thanks to her hostile ex, who’s determined to get custody of their daughter. So she’s understandably rattled into near-hysteria when a strange woman sidles up to her with a message that couldn’t be more cryptically awful: “There’s a man behind you.”

Things get way worse from there in this very well-made and suspenseful short, which Gómez Hernández is hoping to expand into a feature film. Seeing as how he’s able to pile on enough dread, atmosphere, and loaded terror in just 15 minutes to spark plenty of nightmares, a full-length version of Behind with even more story and context would be very good news for horror fans indeed. In the meantime, you can have your own mini-freakout right now.

[Short of the Week]