A LEGO Version Of Star Wars Episode I: Racer

A LEGO Version Of Star Wars Episode I: Racer

If nobody is going to muster the will/cash for a new video game version of Star Wars’ pod-racing, then we’re going to have to settle for this movable, interactive LEGO take on it instead.

Alexis Dos Santos built this using MINDSTORMS, LEGO’s robotics tech. The surface of the race scrolls past the user on a conveyer belt, while you’re able to move your podracer left to right to try and avoid the scenery.

There’s even sound effects, and a little screen at the base giving countdowns and readouts.

The setup uses three separate motors, and took over 6000 pieces to build. And it’s professional as hell. I know many grown adults who would feel very little shame spending hundreds of dollars on this if it were an actual LEGO product.

Related: after calling it simply “Podracer” or “Podracing” for over 15 years, I was a little shocked to Google it for this headline and find the video game’s name was actually Star Wars Episode I: Racer, something I have never or will ever call it in my life.

Via Brothers Brick