What The Fresh Hell Am I Looking At Here, Pizza Hut?

What The Fresh Hell Am I Looking At Here, Pizza Hut?
Image: Twitter
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Listen, Pizza Hut. I’ve played Gran Turismo. I’ve seen concept cars. So what on earth do you call this, then?

That, my friends, is the self-driving Toyota that might be replacing your local Pizza Hut delivery person, should it get its way.

It’s also absolutely hideous.

Aside from looking like some kind of autonomous prisoner transport, where do you get the pizza from? Does it drive up to your door? What if you live in an apartment? Frankly these are all important questions to which we might never know the answers – concept cars very rarely make it past the concept stage.

Still, as a matter of urgency we’ve sent our intrepid CES2018 team to investigate and report back on this breaking, IRL Black Mirror episode.

What do you think? Fancy getting your Large Pepperoni delivered in this?