We’re Getting Closer To A Working Switch Emulator

We’re Getting Closer To A Working Switch Emulator
Image: Nintendo

One of the creators of the rather popular Citra 3DS Emulator has announced they are working on a new project – a Nintendo Switch emulator for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The emulator, called ‘yuzu’, is built on the same groundwork as their previous emulator, thanks to the 3DS and Switch being reasonably similar in architecture. However, it’s still a long way off being complete – it can’t even play actual Switch games on it as of yet and is only useful if you’re into messing around with homebrew code or want to do some research into how the hardware works.

Even so, the emulator’s website stresses that they’re making some good progress and that getting it to play games is one of their biggest priorities.

This begs the question: how long until Nintendo decide they’ve had enough and ask them to stop?