This Full-Sized LEGO Lord Of The Rings Pinball Table Takes Tommy To Middle-Earth

Video: Now that LEGO is comfortable that people will buy 7500+ piece, $1000 sets based on popular movie franchises, perhaps there's hope that the toymaker will turn Vladimir van Hoek's full-size working Lord of the Rings pinball machine into an equally massive set we can actually buy.

We don't know the full piece count for this magnificent creation, but it's packed full of characters (LEGO minifig versions), locales and scenes from the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. A ring-less Gollum is angrily waving a fish, menacing orcs guard Mount Doom, and do we spot Smaug flying overhead? The scoreboard doesn't work on this creation, but everything else appears to, so who cares about the high score? Just building a custom LEGO creation such as this is reward enough.

[YouTube via The Brothers Brick]

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