This Bitcoin KFC Bucket Is An Abomination

Image: iStock

You might take a look at this tweet from KFC Canada and think "they're taking the piss, right?"

They aren't.

Canadians who've jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon can, at least for the time being, buy a big bucket of chicken and sides for the simple price of... well, how ever many Bitcoin equals $CAN20 ($20) at the time of purchase. They've even set up a live Facebook feed to monitor prices.

2018 is already turning out to be wild.



    Can they just use the logo and name without paying a royalty?

      Who would they pay a royalty to?

        The trademark owner.

          Let’s hope they treat it like the $ sign. You would think bitcoin would or else who would ever use their currency?

          Last edited 12/01/18 3:12 pm

      It would be pretty weird if Bitcoin is set up in a way that means people have to pay a royalty to use the name or symbol of the currency. Can you imagine if you had to pay someone every time you said your product cost $X?

    Nothing says 'fast food' like a $20 transaction surcharge and a three-hour wait for your payment to go through

      And, by the time the transaction is processed, bitcoin rallied, so you just paid the equivalent of $50 for your $20 bucket of chicken + the $20 transaction/processing fee = $70 for chicken. The currency of the future!!!

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