These Post-It Notes Slowly Transform Into Beautiful 3D Art As You Use Them

Image: Triad Inc. (via Big Globe)

Now this is the revolution in sticky notes we've all been waiting for. Once you've depleted your stack of post-its, all you're left with is a sad, plain backing card. That's no longer the case with Triad Inc.'s "Omoshiro Blocks", which, note-by-note, turn into amazing pieces of 3D art.

You'll have to go through some 100 sheets, but once you do, your desk will be gifted a beautiful new feature, like Tokyo's Kiyomizudera Temple below.

And there's more than just buildings — here are some examples of a piano and violin respectively.

Image: Triad Inc. (via Big Globe)
Image: Triad Inc. (via Big Globe)

Unfortunately, the blocks are both hard to get and expensive. According to Colossal's Johnny Strategy, you'll have to part with 4000-10,000 yen ($45-$133) and you can only buy them from Tokyo Hands' Umeda store in Japan.

If you're planning a trip however (and don't mind the price tag), I can't think of a better present for the perpetual note-taker.

[Big Globe, via Colossal]

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