The True Story Behind Han's Dice, And More Last Jedi Secrets From The Lucasfilm Story Group

Want to watch the Lucasfilm Story Group dish on Star Wars: The Last Jedi for 30 minutes? Of course you do.

Image: YouTube

The official Star Wars YouTube channel just posted an awesome video of Lucasfilm Story Group members Leland Chee, Pablo Hidalgo, Matt Martin and Rayne Roberts talking about a bunch of secrets from The Last Jedi. They cover cameos, hidden references, so much good stuff. It's well worth a watch in full, which you can do below, but a few things stand out.

First up is Han's dice. Of course, in The Last Jedi, Luke hands Leia Han Solo's dice from the Millennium Falcon at the end of the movie in a very touching moment. However, many people were confused as to why these dice, which have been lurking in the series since A New Hope, got such a prominent spotlight.

The reason is The Force Awakens. When Han Solo gets back the Millennium Falcon and returns to the bridge for the first time, J.J. Abrams had originally shot a scene where Han puts the dice back up. Apparently Rian Johnson saw that scene, was inspired by it, and used the dice liberally in The Last Jedi. Unfortunately, Abrams ended up cutting that moment.

Another cool tidbit has to do with Luke's compass. Many fans have already figured out that the compass briefly seen in Luke's hut in The Last Jedi is the same one he acquires in Battlefront 2. But what we didn't know is the connection came literally days before Johnson shot that scene. The group had the idea; Dave Filoni, executive producer of Star Wars Rebels, designed a compass; the prop department made it; producers approved it; and just like that it was in movie.

Months ago we reported that Rian Johnson asked J.J. Abrams for one change in The Force Awakens. That was for R2-D2 to go with Rey and Chewbacca at the end and not BB-8. Well, the reason behind that is because Johnson had the idea to do the scene in The Last Jedi where R2 shows Luke the old footage of Leia. And to do that, he needed R2 on the Falcon.

The video is filled with awesome stuff like that. Check it out below.


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    The funny thing is, most of the things the 'brilliant' minds of the story group talk about can always be expanding upon in the novels or comics. Which proves that you need to read the comics, novels or play the games to really be clued in to the entire story.

    I thought that maybe it would be interesting watching this video, but all it did was conform the theories. The story group has no real idea what they are doing.

      It's great how even your username tries to convey the notion that you somehow have access to 'truth' rather than just project your own opinions.

      It's true, Holdo had quite a bit of development in the book Leia, Princess of Alderaan but none what so ever in The Last Jedi. So when she died I felt nothing and had no emotional investment. If they had given that final task to Admiral Ackbar then the audience would've had more of an engaging moment in that scene.
      Kathleen Kennedy needs to go and the story team need to have the books and comics compliment the films not the other way around.

    And the last Jedi sucked: the scriptwriting ruined it

    That cheating nerf herder used those (loaded) dice to win the Millennium Falcon from me

    I used to love the minutiae behind Star Wars... Now it is simply getting ridiculous... The parts of this new trilogy that needed explaining in the movies are left out or just plain stupid... (We're running out of gas, in a frictionless environment... but keep the engines running anyway) The nerdy links that should sit away from the screen and fill in the nerdy blanks are too extensive and labyrinthine and some of them should actually end up on screen rather than be left out. The naval gazing directorial self obsession (Oh... look at me I am directing a Star Wars movie!) is getting out of hand... First JJA remakes the original and then RJ remakes 'Empire' with little nods and winks to their own cleverness. Then Disney goes on a charm offensive letting us know just how clever their directorial choices are and there are more of these articles trying to justify the 'KPI' hitting crap that has just been trotted out. The dice are interesting... but really...

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