The Trailer For The Hurricane Heist Will Rock You Like A, Well, You Know

Video: How's your Saturday going? Not bad? Need a little pick-me-up? Well, the director of the original Fast and Furious as well as XXX has just the thing. It's the trailer for his new movie, called The Hurricane Heist.

Image: YouTube

No, there's no twist behind that title. It's literally a movie about a heist that's pulled off during a hurricane. And not just any hurricane. The worst hurricane ever. It's Ocean's 11 with an actual ocean, Point Break on a point break, a twist on Twister, a crime brought to you by the wonders of climate change. Check out the trailer for The Hurricane Heist, directed by Rob Cohen.

And before you say, "Oh, that's some straight B-movie crap," well... it kind of is, but there are some actual, famous, good actors in there. Toby Kebbell from Fantastic Four, the Apes movies and A Monster Calls; Maggie Grace from Lost and Taken; along with Aussie Ryan Kwanten from True Blood. That's a pretty good cast. Cohen is obviously a solid action director, too. So, as bananas as this movie looks, it may just be a a lot of fun.

The Hurricane Heist opens in the US March 9. An Australian release date has not yet been confirmed.


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