Sydney Trains Workers Just Announced A 24 Hour Strike

Sydney Trains Workers Just Announced A 24 Hour Strike

It’s been a rough trot for Sydney commuters the last week or so.

And obviously, it’s been even rougher for Sydney Trains workers – who have just announced they will strike for 24 hours on January 29.

As reported by SBS, the move comes after negotiations failed between Sydney Trains and the train union, with the new-as-of Novemeber timetable the focus of discussions.

NSW union secretary Alex Claassens said in a state ment the union is “disappointed”, but “management and the NSW government haven’t left us with any other options.”

“The terrible way management and the NSW government are willing to treat its hard-working employees has been laid bare for everyone to see lately. All workers are asking for are fair working conditions and wages in return for the work they do.”

Claassens said workers are being “stretched to capacity trying to deliver the shambolic new timetable”, and now “can’t be guaranteed fair conditions and pay.”