Seven Receive Medical Attention After iPhone Explodes In Swiss Apple Store  

Seven people received medical attention on Tuesday after an iPhone battery overheated in a Swiss Apple store. Police in Zurich, Switzerland evacuated around 50 customers and staff from the store after an iPhone 6S battery overheated and started spewing smoke. The small fire happened as an employee tried to repair the device. The man was treated for minor burns to his hand.

Photo: Stadtpolizei Zürich

Zurich police say no one was hospitalised as a result of the battery fire. Employees used quartz sand to stop the flames and vented the store to suck out the smoke. The results aren't pretty:

Smartphone fires are very rare, but not completely unheard of. Samsung's infamous Galaxy Note7 started a minor panic in 2016, with reports spreading that it sparked fires everywhere from Florida to Australia to 3000 feet in the air. iPhone fires have been less common, but just last year a woman in Wisconsin filed a lawsuit against Apple alleging a "defective" iPhone 4 battery started a house fire.

Lithium ion batteries, used by most smartphones, are notoriously flammable, even though fires are mercifully uncommon.




    So it caught fire while being repairs? This was user error. The repair guy shorted out the battery, that in no way is comparable to spontaneously combusting Samsung batteries.

      Unless they have bitumen on the floors or tables of that store, they also managed to get the flaming mess outside so it can’t have been that bad.

        Looks like it came outside afterwards. Notice the sand on the screen vs the surrounding area. It was moved there.

      Plenty of iPhones have spontaneously combusted. More than enough videos of it happening. Lithium batteries are potentially dangerous especially jammed into a tiny space. At least Samsung did the right thing in recalling them at great cost.

      It's completely comparable in the context of smartphone fires which is the context.
      The heading for the paragraph starts with "Smartphone fires"

    Shhh don't start malicious rumours about Apple batteries.. Didn't you know they are perfect... Looks at my 3 ruined iPhones with popped out front and backs (after iOS s/w updates)

      I'm not (at all, sincerely) saying you're lying, but the chances of that happening with 3 phones that you own must be astronomical! How many iPhones have you had?!

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