Report: Fox Is Developing A Kitty Pryde X-Men Solo Movie Directed By Tim Miller

Report: Fox Is Developing A Kitty Pryde X-Men Solo Movie Directed By Tim Miller

The ink may still be drying on the massive deal between Disney and Fox that’s bringing mutants back to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, but that doesn’t mean Fox has any plans on slowing down production on one of the last X-Men movies it may make: A spinoff starring Kitty Pryde.

Image: Marvel

According to Collider, Tim Miller is currently developing a film starring one of the youngest X-Men – who, since her introduction as a teen in 1980, has gone on to become one of the team’s most talented members and leaders. Collider reports that while there are no concrete details about the proposed film other than its existence, Fox is still very actively pursuing the project even as the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Deadpool and company get ready to join their Marvel siblings in the House of Mouse.

Of all the classic characters introduced in Fox’s X-Men franchise, Kitty – Shadowcat, if you will – has gone through the most iterations, with two actresses portraying the character in small bit roles before Ellen Page’s version of the character was a full-fledged X-Men member in The Last Stand.

Kitty’s addition to the X-Men in 1980’s Uncanny X-Men #129 marked the beginning of a new generation of mutants joining Professor Xavier and his team of misfits fighting to save the world. Even if this project never quite gets off the ground under Fox’s guidance, Marvel could potentially subsequently pick the project up – which means Kitty Pryde could very well end up becoming the woman who ultimately introduces mutants to the MCU.