Recreate An Iconic Teen Titans Comic Book Cover On Your Desk, And More Of The Best Toys Of The Week

Recreate An Iconic Teen Titans Comic Book Cover On Your Desk, And More Of The Best Toys Of The Week

After a brief holiday hiatus, Toy Aisle makes its triumphant return with an exclusive first look at a new collectable from DC Comics that fans of The New Teen Titans will want to start saving for. We also have the easiest way to build your own ship-in-a-bottle courtesy of LEGO, and something for Star Trek: Discovery fans looking to recreate epic Federation vs. Klingon space battles at their desks, instead of actually working.

DC Collectibles’ The New Teen Titans Multi-Part Statue Set

George Pérez and Dick Giordano’s cover for The New Teen Titans #1 in 1980 is one of the most famous team shots – not just for the Titans, but in DC Comics history. It introduced fans to what has become the iconic version of the team, adding beloved characters Cyborg, Starfire and Raven for the first time, and was the start of a rejuvenated era for the Titans that would cement them in the hearts and minds of fans as one of the most important groups at DC. And now, you can own it in a gigantic, pricey statue form instead of as a comic cover!

DC Collectibles is going to make you work to complete the seven-statue collection, however – each character is being sold separately for a whopping $US80 ($100) each, and slowly rolled out in late 2018. Starfire and Robin will be released in August, Beast Boy and Cyborg in September, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl in October, and then Raven will go on sale sometime in November. At least the modular ability of each hero having their own base lets you grab only a few you really want or swap characters around every once in a while, but if you want to recreate the whole cover, it’s going to set you back a pretty penny. [DC Collectibles]

LEGO Ship in a Bottle

Crafting a tiny model ship inside a glass bottle requires an infinite level of patience as you rely on tools squeezed into the bottle’s neck. LEGO’s version, based on another successful LEGO Ideas submission, is much less stressful to assemble. The 962-piece set features a 30cm-tall bottle housing a tiny sailboat (the Leviathan) with details such as a raised deck, cannons, masts and sails, and a tiny flag. You can build it starting on February 1 when the set becomes available for $119.99. [LEGO]

Eaglemoss Star Trek: Discovery Starships Collection

We’ve had Micro Machines-sized holes in our hearts ever since Galoob was sold to Hasbro and stopped making tiny Star Trek spaceships to adorn our desks with – especially now that we’re hooked on Star Trek: Discovery. But a company called Eaglemoss will now let you build your own tiny space-faring fleet, with a new line of 20- to 25cm replicas based on the ships in Discovery. There will be 12 in total (at least to start with), including seven Federation vessels and five Klingon ships. They will be available through a US subscription service that puts a new craft in subscriber’s mailboxes for around $US10 ($12) every month, starting with the USS Shenzhou NCC-1227. Unfortunately there’s currently no word on availability in Australia. Here’s hoping they’ll eventually be available internationally – and that we’ll be able to pick and choose only the ships we want. [Eaglemoss via Toyark]

Hot Toys Sixth-Scale Boba Fett

If you have an unlimited budget for collecting action figures, you’ve undoubtedly already spent a small fortune for many of Hot Toys’ 30cm masterpieces. The company’s new Boba Fett continues to deliver an astonishing attention to detail and accessories, with over 30 points of articulation, some of the best battle damage we’ve ever seen, and an outfit full of secret weapons and buttons you’ll want to press. But, for $US235 ($293) we would have maybe wanted a removable helmet with a Temuera Morrison sculpt underneath, and definitely a functional rocket-firing backpack. We’re adults, we’ll be safe.

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