Razer Have Stuffed A 5.1 Surround System Into Its Phone And I Can't Tell Why

Image: Razer

Notable gaming brand Razer went and surprised us all when they dropped their Razer Phone late last year, but apparently that wasn't enough for them. At CES2018 it announced that, in partnership with Netflix, it will be delivering both HDR-enabled content along with full Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound support. What?

5.1 surround support for a phone seems... excessive, but both Razer and Netflix appear convinced that it's inclusion is worth it.

For folks rocking a sweet pair of 5.1 surround headphones, this might be the thing you need to take your Netflix commute to the next level. But on its own, mobile phones are far too small to generate the kind of energy a true 5.1 system needs for us to physically hear it.

Not to leave out current Razer Phone owners, it also announced it would roll out a firmware update to bring further screen and sound improvements to current users, all with a view to bettering the Netflix experience.

I wonder if Bright would be a better movie if viewed on a phone?

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