NBC Is Rebooting ‘The IT Crowd’. Again.

NBC Is Rebooting ‘The IT Crowd’. Again.
Image: The IT Crowd/Channel 4

For the third time since the original series aired on the UK’s Channel 4 in 2006, American TV network NBC has begun working on a reboot of the popular comedy series The IT Crowd with its original creator, Graham Linehan.

As Variety reports, Linehan – who also co-wrote Father Ted and Black Books among others – will be working with the network to write and executive produce the re-imagining of the show.

NBC have tried this move with The IT Crowd a few times before. In 2007 they produced a pilot that brought back Richard Ayoade as Moss, but re-cast the other original actors Chris O’Dowd and Katherine Parkinson, instead going with Joel McHale and Jessica St. Clair. It never went any further.

Then again in 2014, the network commissioned another pilot, this time from Bill Lawrence of Scrubs fame and the executive producers of Community Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan. That didn’t even get recorded.

Here’s hoping it turns out well, because it feels to me like they rarely do.