Mark Zuckerberg Quietly Bought A Giant Escape Yacht, Which Seems Like A Bad Sign

Mark Zuckerberg Quietly Bought A Giant Escape Yacht, Which Seems Like A Bad Sign

Back in September, Mark Zuckerberg quietly bought a 106.68m exploration yacht for $US150 million ($188 million), Hürriyet Daily News reports. However, a Zuckerberg spokesperson has soundly denied the Facebook CEO bought the ship.

Screenshot: YouTube/MARELE GIOLGAU

According to the Turkish newspaper, the massive ship “can sail halfway around the world without refuelling and is designed to endure the toughest weather conditions” – making it the perfect vessel to wait out an impending apocalypse that only you, the billionaire creator of Facebook, know about.

Zuckerberg reportedly bought the yacht, named “Ulysses”, from New Zealand billionaire Graeme Hart. And Ulysses sure is something. Among other features, the passenger yacht is equipped with a helicopter deck, eight dining locations, five lounges, five bars, a gym, a day spa, a sauna, a massage room, a wine tasting room and a cinema, all inside a hull reportedly designed to withstand “the arctic circles and the world’s hottest regions”.

And Zuckerberg won’t have to enjoy these amenities alone: According to the ship’s spec page, Ulysses is commercially approved to carry up to 36 tech overlords who all saw this coming across the high seas after this all falls apart.

Additionally, the yacht has a storage space filled with a crap-ton of water toys, including “Harleys, Superbikes, KTMs and ATVs, jets skis and all the traditional toys,” per the website. All and all, it sounds like the perfect getaway vehicle for when the big flood comes.

Speaking to TechCrunch, a Zuckerberg spokesperson refuted the Hürriyet report, saying, “The reports related to Mark purchasing a yacht are completely inaccurate as he did not purchase a yacht.” Gizmodo has reached out to the yacht’s brokers for more information.