LG Is Using A Deep Learning AI To Help Design Its Next Products

LG Is Using A Deep Learning AI To Help Design Its Next Products
Image: iStock

In a move that is not at all terrifying, LG has announced it’s using an in-house developed deep-learning based AI to help accelerate the research and development of its smart products.

They’re calling the technology DeepThinQ and it’s hoped that by taking advantage of the way that it learns the usage habits of customers, LG will better be able to design products and services around their needs.

Using AI functions such as voice control, video and sensor recognition and human body detection, not only will devices powered by DeepThinQ be able to learn what you watch or when you walk in the room, they’ll eventually – through the power of the cloud – be able to tell who you are, remember your preferences and set everything to your liking once you enter the room. At least that’s the idea.

Imagine if your air-conditioner could detect you were entering the room and set itself to the temperature it knows you like? It’s pretty wild stuff, and I’m not sure I’d personally like my appliances to know exactly what I like and don’t like. But hey, this is already happening, so why not embrace our AI overlords and the room temperature they select for us?