Lenovo Says Its Latest ThinkPad X1 Laptops Are 'Bloatware Free'

Image: Lenovo

Lenovo's latest additions to its ThinkPad X1 series of laptops has been announced with the unveiling of the X1 Tablet, X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga, marked to be available in Australia in February. And according to them, they are now entirely bloatware free. Finally.

The X1 Tablet sports a 13-inch, HDR ready 3k display and an Intel 8th Gen processor along with an IR camera and fingerprint reader for better security, while both the X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga are, according to Lenovo, the world's first laptops announced that will support Dolby Vision HDR - albeit in a future update.

And in a nod to its somewhat questionable software packages released in past products, they also want you to know that its pre-loaded version of Windows 10 is now entirely bloatware free. Isn't that nice of them?

All three models in the X1 ThinkPad range will be available in Australia in February, with the X1 Carbon costing $2399, while the X1 Yoga will set you back $2549. The X1 Tablet is a little more expensive at $3019.



    Id like to know "why" they have suddenly started doing this, did they notice drops in sales, or increased customer dissatisfaction, because the laptops ran like shit, even from new, it was more like adware than bloatware. I miss the days when I could buy a laptop with out formatting it first.

      Lenovo is also putting pure Android on their phones now. They said that it's because of customer demand. I think that a lot of people in India like pure Android and so to drive sales they gave the customers what they wanted. Lenovo also said it would let them update their phones quicker. I guess they did the same with their laptops and listened to their customers because sales were dropping

    Good to see they're expanding this throughout the range. Worth noting that Lenovo have been selling "Windows 10 Signature" edition machines for over 6 months now, so this isn't new.

    The only downside with these is that updating hardware drivers becomes a little more difficult. Especially since Lenovo use some bespoke components that the stock manufacturer drivers don't fully support. So the first thing to download on these devices is their System Update utility.

    Buyers will fall into two groups though - business (most of the sales for these I'd assume) and home users. Most fleet buyers are going to apply a SOE straight after unboxing and will have a method of driver updates if needed. A lot of home users won't know/care about driver updates. Let alone head off to download a System Setup Utility - as long as it works out the box.
    That said, nice to see Lenovo making some public effort to minimise crapware.

    I wonder if they have improved the reliability of these buggers? I have been through too many to ever want to go back to Lenovo.

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