Julian Assange's Options To Get Out Of Ecuadorian Embassy Are Rapidly Narrowing

The government of the UK has denied a motion to grant Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012 over fears he could be extradited, diplomatic protections.

Assange in 2012. Photo: AP

Per The Guardian, Ecuadorian officials made the request in hopes that if Assange was certified as one of their diplomats - reports indicate he already has Ecuadorian citizenship - he could finally leave the embassy without fear of being arrested for violating UK bail conditions by fleeing there in the first place. While Swedish prosecutors dropped extradition requests related to sex crime allegations in May 2017, Assange fears that if British police detain him, US prosecutors will immediately issue an extradition request over Wikileaks' decision to publish troves of secret US military documents.

Ecuador remains willing to shield Assange from any possible extradition for the immediate future but has no way of extracting him without London police interference, hence the impasse.

"The government of Ecuador recently requested diplomatic status for Mr Assange here in the UK," a Foreign & Commonwealth Office spokesperson told The Guardian. "The UK did not grant that request, nor are we in talks with Ecuador on this matter. Ecuador knows that the way to resolve this issue is for Julian Assange to leave the embassy to face justice."

The Ecuadorian government has become entirely fed up with the dispute over Assange's status as it's dragged on, calling the dispute "untenable". While Assange's presence at the embassy has become a point of international tension and some domestic political griping in Ecuador, the unending fallout from his alleged involvement in a Russian operation to influence the 2016 US federal elections in favour of Donald Trump has also apparently strained his hosts' hospitality for some time. So it's possible that Assange may eventually be forced to vacate regardless of whether the police are waiting to scoop him up.

As his options have diminished, Assange has grown steadily weirder, issuing long-shot appeals to Trump and those in his orbit to help him get out of his jam. Trump's Attorney General Jeff Sessions is one of the people most determined to prosecute him.




    He needs a cargo drone to lift him out of there, at night. Wearing a chilled suit so he can avoid infra red detection, oh oh and a heap of those elderly citizen personal air bags all over his body to break his fall. ooooorrrrr. Pamela Anderson goes in, and Julian, in drag, comes out. Fake tiddies, Big sunnies, and a Tony Curtis ensemble would totally work. ooooorrrrrrrr, at the next Ashes, the Richies could flash mob outside the embassy and Julian could slip right in. Wouldn't. even. need. a wig. Return to Australia in disguise and dare the govt to extradite him. It's a Plan.

    The hate for Assange and Wikileaks is hilarious. Everybody loved him when it was all Collateral Damage and diplomatic cables. But when they leak something that goes against their personal politics and falls in with their ever-changing conspiracy theories around the recent election, everybody decides he needs to be crucified.

    Apparently only some leaks are acceptable - those that the Social Media Ministry of Truth want to be known.

      The opposite is also true.

      The people who love him now because of his leaks about the democrats previously branded him as a traitor that should be killed because of things such as the iraq war logs.

      It cuts both ways.

      Leaking atrocities done by the American military is a bit different to leaking hardly newsworthy emails about a political party. People don't like him and Wikileaks, because HE made it political, when he decided to back the Trump campaign.

    I cant wait for this to be over.Seeing his whining and bitching on the news is too much to bear.Just dump him Ecuador .Get this appalling sideshow over!

    His real problems started when he turned agent for the GRU to willingly screw with western governments. Like Wikileaks (now) he is nothing more than a tool of Russian intel forces. No hope, no future Julian.
    On a wider scale you gotta give it to the Russians, they were pretty smart, got a huge bang for buck developing assets, troll farms using Facebook and Twitter. They even got a their man elected President and half the West Wing filled. LOL.

      If we're going to make things up then I suggest Ecuador smuggle him out in diplomatic pouch.

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