Hisense Is Finally Bringing OLED To Australia

Hisense Is Finally Bringing OLED To Australia
Image: Hisense

Whenever I think ‘OLED’, I think $$$$$. Whenever I think Hisense, I think ‘cost-effective’. So what might happen if those two things were to collide? We’re about to find out, as Hisense Australia has announced a brand spanking new OLED TV for the AU Market, to land alongside its already available ULED 4K TV models.

To coincide with the OLED goodness, they’ve also decided to up their ULED game, announcing a number of enhancements to their current range of ULED 4K TV’s, which they say will add brighter colours and deeper blacks to your image along with greater details in some shadows, too.

Thankfully, they also appear to have put some work into improving the user experience, boasting that their newer models will not only boot up to 2.5X faster than current models, but also offering a new mobile app – for both iOS and Android – that would act as a virtual remote control. Finally, no longer will I have to fish in, around, or under the couch to change the channel.

There’s no further info on pricing, availability or specs as of yet, but we’ll update this post when we have them.