Freeze Your Butt Off In This Game Of Thrones Ice Hotel

Freeze Your Butt Off In This Game Of Thrones Ice Hotel

Will this -5 degree ice hotel in Finland make you yearn for the sweet release of death, followed by becoming a White Walkers? Maybe. But it will still look gorgeous. Take a look at the Hotel of Ice and, uh, More Ice.

Lapland Hotels has collaborated with HBO Nordic for this year’s SnowVillage, an annual ice hotel featuring some of the world’s finest ice sculpture artists. Some of the rooms and sculptures in this year’s exhibition were inspired by Game of Thrones, including a Hall of Faces, an Ice Throne, a map of Westeros, and a dragon ice slide.

And if that’s not enough, you can sleep in a heated sleeping bag with this comforting face looming over you all night.

“I keep warm on your nightmares.”

SnowVillage is typically about 65,000 square feet and takes about 44-million pounds of snow and 349,266kg of ice to create – all in the span of a month! People can take a day trip to see the hotel for $US18, but it costs at least $US200 per night to stay there. The hotel only recommends staying one night in the ice hotel, as temperatures linger below freezing… good thing, too, otherwise the hotel would get kind of mushy. SnowVillage is open through April, chilly weather permitting.

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