Duncan Jones Makes An Exciting Return To Sci-Fi With Mute, And Here's The First Trailer

Video: Filmmaker Duncan Jones has been teasing fans about his passion project, Mute, for years. Well today, right now in fact, you can finally watch its trailer.

Image: Netflix

The film stars Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux, and looks incredibly dark and awesome. It will debut on Netflix February 23. Check out the first trailer:

Jones, who directed Moon, Source Code and Warcraft, wrote Mute along with Michael Robert Johnson. And, as you can see in the trailer, it follows a mute bartender (Skarsgård) forced to go into the seedy underbelly of futuristic Berlin to find his girlfriend. Along the way he'll team up with Cactus Bill (Rudd) and Duck (Theroux), "a pair of irreverent US Army surgeons on a mission all their own".

Much like he did with Moon, Jones and his team have created a partially recognisable but nevertheless intriguing vision of the future. There are obvious Blade Runner influences, there's a little John Wick in there, some Dark Knight, a sprinkle of AI, and a unique strand of humour too. Plus, it somehow links to Moon, which is awesome. All in all, it looks like Jones could have another winner on his hands.

And the best part of it is, we get to see it all in less than a month. Mute premieres on Netflix February 23.

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