Do Marvel Lego Sets Reveal Avengers: Infinity War Secrets?

Do Marvel Lego Sets Reveal Avengers: Infinity War Secrets?

Do the new Lego sets spoil every major event in Avengers: Infinity War? Could Riz Ahmed mutate into a giant spider in Venom? Will Mike Flanagan direct a sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining? All this, plus new images from X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Aquaman and more! 2017, your Angel of Death awaits…and The Mask of Morning Spoilers is lifted!


A new set photo of Riz Ahmed dressed in business attire has led some to speculate he’s playing Dr. Carlton Drake, the CEO of the creepy, survivalist Life Foundation — and the man who eventually mutates into the supervillain, Homo Arachnis.

Doctor Sleep

Speaking with Lilja’s Library, Mike Flanagan revealed he’s interested in following Gerald’s Game with an adaptation of Doctor Sleep, Stephen King’s 2013 sequel to The Shining.

[T]he ones I’d want to do the most are Doctor Sleep and Lisey’s Story. In both cases, it’s because I identify with the protagonists so much. Lisey’s Story is a stunning piece of work, a beautiful exploration of marriage. And who wouldn’t want to venture back into the world of Danny Torrance?

Gotham Girls

Mad Mad: Fury Road‘s Riley Keough would like to play Poison Ivy, please.

The Little Mermaid

Cinematographer Dion Beebe, costume designer Colleen Atwood, and production designer John Myhre have boarded Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. All three have previously worked with the film’s rumoured director, Rob Marshall.

[Omega Underground]

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Magneto gets collared on Genosha in a new photo from Empire.


USA Today has another photo of Aquaman aboard a submarine, looking happier this time.

Avengers: Infinity War

Screen Rant reports leaked footage of Thanos interrogating the Collector on Knowhere before Drax spoils the Guardian’s element of surprise by stepping out of the shadows and swearing revenge has been posted to Reddit.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, Brick Show has managed to get ahold of product descriptions for the first wave of tie-in Lego sets, which seem to reveal several of the film’s major set pieces – including a new ax for Thor, and a victorious “final battle” with Thanos.

Attack of Riders (76101)

Set price: €14.99

Minifigures include: Captain America, Black Widow, Outriders, Space Stone

Unite with Captain America and the Black Widow to protect the kingdom of Wakanda from the invasion of foreigners.

Avoid the fire from the thorns of the landing ships, restrain the attacks of six-armed enemies and attack, using the shield of Captain America. Pounce on the enemies with the truncheons of the Black Widow and get the cosmic stone of infinity!

The Search for Thor’s Weapon (76102)

Set price: €24.99

Minifigures include: Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Thor, Unknown Infinity Stone

Join the Avengers, who are trying to find the ax-thunderbolt for Thor. Sit down in the cab of the rescue capsule with Rocket, Thor and Groot and go into space.

On the way to Nidavellir you will meet many enemies, you can be protected from them by shooting from the thorns. Land on the red planet to charge Tor’s power plants in the space forge.

Find the stone of infinity, untwist the energy ray and create an amazing ax-thunderer!

Corvis Glaive Attacks (76103)

Set price: €39.99

Minifigures include: Corvus Glaive, Vision, Black Panther, Shiri, Mind Stone

Protect the Wall of the Wakid from Corvus Gleiv and his thresher!

Shoot at the threshing machine of double guns-thorns and a disk shooter. Quickly open the gate so that the Black Panther can enter the battle. But do not forget to close them immediately, so that the enemies do not break in. Help Shuri to remove the infinity stone that controls the mind from the head of the Vision.

Can you do this before the thresher crushes the wall and destroys the diagnostic setup?

The Hulkbuster Fight (76104)

Set price: €34.99

Minifigures include: Proxima Midnight, Falcon, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Soul Stone

Danger! Proxima Midnight captured the shooting tower and shoots on Hulkbuster Bruce Banner!

Smash the missile installation of the shooting tower with the powerful fist of Hulkbuster and crush the six-armed enemy. Reflect the punches of the Proksima Midnight.

Order the Falcon to dive down to take away the stone of infinity of souls.

Thanos: The Last Battle (76107)

Set price: €79.99

Minifigures include: Thanos, Iron Man, Star Lord, Gamora

Together with the Avengers, start the fight for the Glove of Infinity!

Shoot at Thanos from the ship’s thorns. Open the cockpit and attack the space bike along with Star Lord and Gamora.

Avoid the blows of Thanos’s huge sword and use the Iron Man’s power units to defeat Titan’s supervillain. Having won, grab the golden glove of infinity and fly away.

The Battle in the Sanctum Sanctorum (76108)

Set price: €99.99

Minifigures include: Cull Obsidian, Ebony Maw, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man

Emergency! Kull Obsidian and Ebony Mo are attacking the Holy of Holies of Dr. Strange!

Together with the Spiderman, jump off them from the roof. Unite with the Iron Man and Dr. Strange and use their powers to repel super villains. If Ebony Mo is able to penetrate the bedroom of Peter Parker, lead him from there through the secret hatch.

You must stop the evil invaders before they blow up the wall of the Holy of Holies Dr. Strange and get the stone of infinity of time. After defeating your enemies, order pizza and celebrate it with Peter Parker!

But that’s not all! USA Today has a new photo Rocket and Mantis meeting an unconscious Thor.

Lastly, Women of DC & Marvel has discovered a production t-shirt featuring new artwork of the Avengers, assembled.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Newt and Tina are up against the wall in the latest photo from Empire.

Altered Carbon

Elsewhere, TV Line has two images from Netflix’s Altered Carbon — including one of Joel Kinnaman toting a severed head.

Goosebumps: Slappy’s Revenge

The Goosebump‘s sequel has been pushed back a few weeks and will now open October 12, 2018.


The Open House

Netflix has released a trailer for their new horror offering, The Open House (not to be confused with the 1987 real estate slasher, Open House) about a teenager and his single mother moving into a creepy new home “besieged by threatening forces”.


It’s official: Krypton premieres Wednesday, March 21st on Syfy.

Following the announcement, Syfy posted two new images from the pilot.


Supergirl and the DEO team up with the Legion of Superheroes in the synopsis for January 15th’s return episode, “Legion of Superheroes.”

Struggling to heal from her injuries inflicted by Reign, Supergirl remains in a dreamlike state, unable to be reached. Mon-El recruits one of the Legion members, Brainiac-5 (Defiance‘s Jesse Rath), to try to bring her back. Meanwhile, Reign continues her rampage on the city so the DEO teams up with the Legion of Superheroes to try to stop her.

[TV Line]

The Flash

Meanwhile, Barry faces murder charges in the synopsis for “The Trial of the Flash,” airing January 16th.

As Barry’s trial for the murder of Clifford DeVoe begins, Iris and Joe must decide how far they are willing to go to keep Barry out of prison.

[TV Line]


And let’s don’t forget the Green Arrow! Oliver teams up with “an unlikely ally” after making a discovery about Cayden James in the synopsis for January 18th’s episode, “Divided,”

Despite losing half his team, Oliver remains confident that he, Felicity and Diggle can stop Cayden James and Black Siren. However, when he discovers one of Cayden’s secrets, he decides to team up with an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, Dinah spends time with Vince.

[TV Line]

The Gifted

Finally, here’s a trailer for The Gifted‘s return on New Year’s Day.