D-Link Is Trying To Make Smart Homes Less Annoying

D-Link Is Trying To Make Smart Homes Less Annoying
Image: D-Link

As CES2018 rumbles onwards in Las Vegas, D-Link have announced a whole swathe of new things they’re working on for connected devices in homes to make life easier for those who like their appliances “smart”.

Smart homes are only getting more complex, so D-Link have taken it upon themselves to bring all your smart devices and appliances under the mydlink Connected Home System, designed to bring control of all a user’s non-router devices under a single app. It includes a feature they’re calling ‘One Tap’, which not only lets you control multiple devices with but a touch, but also bundle multiple actions into different scenarios.

It’s not just for folks with D-Link based systems, either, including 3rd party compatibility with most other Smart Home technologies including Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. Hooray!

If you’re like me and like to stream audio while you’re in the shower, the Covr Dual Band Whole Home Wi-fi System is one way you can get your signal right into the hapless wifi void in the back corner of your house or apartment.

They also showed off a couple of new routers – the DIR-X6060 and the DIR-X9000, which all tout the kind of numbers that means faster everything – gaming, streaming, browsing, cloud backups, the whole lot.

Lastly, in partnership with McAfee, D-Link announced the AC2600 Wi-Fi Router, which will keep all your smart devices connected to the network protected from all the internet nasties. The last thing you need is for your fridge to go full HAL-9000 on you.

We’ll update this post soon as we get word on pricing and availability.