Burger King Roasts Ajit Pai Over Net Neutrality Repeal

Burger King Roasts Ajit Pai Over Net Neutrality Repeal

Video: Known in Australia as Hungry Jacks, fast food franchise Burger King is taking shots at FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s decision to repeal net neutrality.

Image: Burger King

The thing about politics is that brands don’t like to publicly take sides on an issue. Politicians have to do something really nonsensical and unpopular for brands to get involved because they don’t want to risk alienating a portion of their customers. Most Americans support net neutrality because most understand that it isn’t a good idea to allow telecoms to pick and choose the content they might want to block or throttle. And if they don’t understand it at first, they tend to do so once they get a little information. As the net neutrality news saturation picked up in early December, just before the US Federal Communications Commission’s Republican majority voted to repeal net neutrality protections, one poll found that 80 per cent of Americans support maintaining Title II protections. That figure includes three out of four Republicans. This is an easy bipartisan issue.

To make its position clear on net neutrality, Burger King filmed a stunt in which it educated “the public” on net neutrality using the Whopper as a metaphor for online content. Yes, the customers just learning about the subject are probably actors, and yes this promotes a fast food chain, but hey, when they’re right, they’re right.

The metaphor of having to pay wildly different prices and endure various inconveniences to get the same burger as everyone else is a perfectly fine illustration of the hellscape that the internet could inevitably become if it isn’t protected. If you need an explainer for a friend, here it is, flame broiled. If you don’t, we can all just enjoy the King making fun of Pai’s ludicrous Reese’s mug and remember the times that he’s made a fool of himself without needing anyone else’s help.