Bryan Fuller Lestat-us Update: He’s Working On Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles Show

Bryan Fuller Lestat-us Update: He’s Working On Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles Show

Notable blood-thirster Bryan Fuller is working on the pilot for Paramount’s new series based on Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles books, and there are hopes he’ll stay on the show for good.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount TV president Amy Powell was asked about the network’s much-anticipated Vampire Chronicles series, which she is calling “the Vampire Chronicles initiative.” Paramount TV optioned all 11 books last year, with Rice serving as an executive producer and her son, Christopher Rice, serving as the show’s main writer and showrunner. It looks like the show is currently in the pilot stage, but Powell noted that a very big name is now attached to the project.

“Bryan Fuller is working with Anne Rice and Chris, who are writing the pilot. We are hoping he chooses to stay on and potentially showrun,” Powell said.

Fuller has not commented on his involvement yet, but a few fans took a tweet of his from last year as an opportunity to hope there was something in the works.

And let’s be honest, this type of series definitely fits Fuller’s creative inclinations. He’s famous for pushing the envelope with his goopy, gory shows, including Dead Like Me, Hannibal, and American Gods. Even his more innocent shows, like Pushing Daisies, tend to have a bit of the macabre. Considering he’s now gone from American Gods (after the first season) and Star Trek: Discovery (before it truly began), and we haven’t had an update on that revival in a while, there is definitely room for Fuller to take on a new project. Hopefully, this ends up being the one.

We’ve reached out to Paramount and will update you if we find out more.

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