BlackBerry Wants To Keep Smart Cars Secure With ‘Jarvis’

BlackBerry Wants To Keep Smart Cars Secure With ‘Jarvis’
Image: iStock

Remember BlackBerry? They made those phones with the full keyboard and only corporate executives thought they were worth the time. Well they’re back with something a little different this time; they want to help protect the software in your smart car from hackers and other online jerks.

At the North American International Automotive Show in Detroit, BlackBerry CEO John Chen announced ‘Jarvis’, a cloud-based code scanning solution that hunts down vulnerabilities in a car systems software. Even better news is they’ve already started trialing it with some of the biggest car makers in the world, including Jaguar Land Rover.

“Connected and autonomous vehicles require some of the most complex software ever developed, creating a significant challenge for automakers who must ensure the code complies with industry and manufacturer-specific standards while simultaneously battle-hardening a very large and tempting attack surface for cybercriminals,” he said.

Here’s what Jaguar Land Rover CEO Dr. Ralf Speth has to say about it:

“BlackBerry Jarvis addresses the software cybersecurity needs of the automotive industry. In our independent study, Jarvis delivered excellent efficiencies in time-to-market, significantly reducing the time to security assess code from thirty days to seven minutes.”

Thirty days down to seven minutes.

Looking at that time-saving, it’s a bit of a no brainer. And with more and more things becoming connected to each other, making sure any cracks are filled before hitting market makes sense.